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“Our name is derived from the fusion of the English word Invest and the Sanskrit word Sutra”
The word sutra in the title has two very particular meaning …

  • A sutra is a string meant to join dots that create pattern or line that holds thing together
  • Sutra also means an aphorism, they are like seeds which, when planted in the mind, germinate in to a plant.

We at Investsutra believe that Business is like yagna, the ritual described in the oldest and most revered of Hindu scriptures, the Rig veda .
The yajaman initiates this rituals, makes offering in to agni, fire burning in the alter. Exclaiming “svaha” – this of me I offer, hoping to please his chosen deity or devata who will then give him whatever he desires, exclaiming “tathastu” – so it shall be

Svaha is what yajman invests: money, goods, services ideas. Tathastu is the return on investment.
A yagna is declared a success only if it ushers in wealth & prosperity.


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